Children of Lewis and Rebecca Margaret Jones
Above: Isaac Matthias Jones (Matt). He was stabbed in the back and died at age 18 on the courthouse steps in Edgefield. Margaret Jones Hart thought they never knew who killed him and she always said he was stabbed by the "Unknown Hand." Actually, contemporary newspaper accounts said he was killed by a man named Thomas Markey, no reason given.
Drawing of the courthouse where Uncle Matt was killed. The courthouse is still there.


Lewis and Rebecca M. Jones

Lewis Jones and Tilla Lomax family - groups and children

Lewis and Tilla Lomax Jones family - adults

Lewis and Rebecca Jones family

Rebecca M. Jones Siblings

Lewis Jones Siblings

William Gregg

Gen. James Jones

Nell Jones Art Work

Outline of Ancestors
Elizabeth Clara Jones (named after Aunt Betty), referred to as Aunt Bess Miller. She eloped and married Joseph A. C. Jones (above), her first cousin, much against the objections of her parents. The parents were probably right, as four of their five children died in early childhood and the fifth in his twenties.
Mary Eliza Jones
Died at age 16
Marina Gregg Jones (left), married W. K. Blake (above) and lived in Spartanburg
Cousin May Lily Blake and her husband Sam Hodges. They lived in Greenwood. Mom, Virginia, Carter, and I visted them once and had an elegant lunch.
Lewis Jones Blake (Cousin Lewis Blake). He was a doctor and had the first car and the first telephone in Spartanburg (his phone number was "1." His wife Louise Henneman Blake was well known for her iris garden—we used to visit her in the spring to see them. She had a joggling board on her porch—a great treat for me.
Above two pictures: Lewis Pou Jones III, son of James Bolivar Jones, the only living brother of great-grandfather Lewis Pou Jones. Big Lewis visited at Aunt Rena's (he was called Big Lewis to distinguish him from Lewis Pou Watson). There is no individual picture of his father, J. B. Jones (Uncle Jim), but he is second from left in the picture below. He lived in the house inhabited earlier by Aunt Betty, across from the Saluda road, not far from Aunt Rena's.