William Gregg and Marina Jones Gregg


Lewis and Rebecca M. Jones

Lewis Jones and Tilla Lomax family — groups and children

Lewis and Tilla Lomax Jones family — adults

Lewis and Rebecca Jones family

Rebecca M. Jones Siblings

Lewis Jones Siblings

William Gregg

Gen. James Jones

Nell Jones Art Work

Outline of Ancestors
William Gregg, the founder of Graniteville Mill and the "father of the textile industry" in the South, and Marina Jones, daughter of Matthias Jones. Their children were William, James, and Mary; my guess is that William is in back, James is on left, and Mary in the middle. William was killed in the Civil War.

Biography of William Gregg. In MS Word. In PDF Form
Various photos of
William Gregg
and one of Aunt Marina as an old lady.
"Cousin Joe Gregg" must be a grandson of William Gregg
James Jones Gregg ran the mill after William Gregg's death. In 1876, James Gregg was murdered by a mill employee. A movie called "The Gardener's Son," has been made about this episode.
William Gregg was one of the signers of the Ordinance of Secession. He hedged his bets by putting his money in an English bank and the family lived in England a few years after the war.
Main building at Graniteville Mill