Rebecca Margaret Jones Hart
Rebecca Margaret Jones
January 5, 1874—May 7, 1958
Sophie Adam, who married Cousin Duncan Wallace, and Margaret Jones Hart.
Converse is not sure, but probably this is the first class to graduate. If so, Rebecca Margaret Jones is the first on the left in the back row.

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Margaret Hart and John Cannon

R. W. and Margaret Jones Hart

Jehu and Frances Hart

Lewis and Tilla Jone

Robert W. and Margaret Hart Family

Margaret Jones Hart

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Jehu Hart Tree

Frances Felder Tree
Drawing made by R. Margaret Jones at age 11.
"Nanny" in the mountains, which she loved. One of the last pictures.
Elizabeth Churchill Jones and Rebecca Margaret Jones

Margaret Jones Hart, probably in her forties
Margaret Jones Hart, older pictures
Dr. Asbill

Epitaph Nanny wrote about her cat
Here lies Polly Meredith, Mag's little cat
On whom by accident Dr. Asbill sat.
Hereafter little cats, when the doctor you see,
Don't sit on the same settee.