Margaret Duncan Hart and John B. Cannon
Margaret Hart
John Cannon Jr
Margaret Duncan Hart
(August 16, 1910—January 16, 2012 )

John Burns Cannon, Jr.
(April 16, 1914—June 23, 1965 )


Margaret and Robert W. Har
Eulalie and John Cannon
Above right: Wedding invation, Margaret Hart and John Cannon. Left: John Cannon's CPA license. Below: Birth Announcement Margaret Hart Cannon (Monnie).
Below: John B. Cannon in uniform, World War II. Below right: House at 420 South Fairview Ext. in Converse Heights. Bought 1947 (built by and formerly belonged to Alice Jones Rembert) and sold in 2004.
Above: John Cannon III in driveway on Fairview, showing houses across street. Right: Family group on South Fairview. Robert W. Hart, John B. Cannon, Dorothy Hart Mittenzwei, Bert Hart, Margaret Hart Cannon, Jim Mittenzwei, Mike Mittenzwei, Margaret Jones Hart, and John Cannon III.
Robert W. Hart / Margaret Jones Family

John Cannon / Eulalie Earle Family