Family of John and Eulalie Earle Cannon
Above: Eulalie Earle Cannon with Caroline Cannon (standing), Joel Earle Cannon (in lap) and John Burns Cannon Jr. (seated). Below: two pictures of John Burns Cannon Jr.
Eulalie Cannon "Mimi" receiving a gift at her ninetieth birthday.
Grandmother Mimi's ninetieth birthday.  Standing, left to right, Jeff, Ralph, Mildred (Mimi), and Cindy Cannon; Opal and Joel Cannon; Hardin Holt with Caroline Cannon Holt in front; Arthur and Penny Holt. Seated: Joey, Monnie, Terry Cannon; Eulalie Earle Cannon "(Mimi"); Catherine Cannon; Margaret Hart Cannon (Mrs. John B. Jr.)
Left: Caroline Cannon Holt, Eulalie Earle Cannon, and the Rev. Joel Earle Cannon. Below. Mimi's grandchildren, left to right: Terry, Joey, Cindy, Jeff, Monnie, Catherine. Seated: Eulalie Cannon and the Rev. Arthur Holt.
Joel Cannon and Adam Edward Cannon, son of John B. Cannon III.
Opal Cannon
Joey Cannon
Bob Rawls (cousin)
In Greenville at the church of the Rev. Ralph A. Cannon. Left to right: Ralph, Mildred (Mimi), Cindy, Terry Cannon; Caroline Holt Morehead, Jeff Cannon behind her; John Arthur Holt in front of Caroline Cannon Holt; someone behind Caroline but cannot tell who (Monnie was there but was probably taking the picture); Margaret Hart Cannon; Arthur Holt with Penny and Hillary Holt in front of him; Dane Morehead with Jessica and Daniel Morehead in front of him, Todd and Jeff Morehead out to right.
Eulalie Cannon age 85 (1973)
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