Sarah McJunkin Fant and John A. Fant
John Alexander Fant
April 3, 1825—June 20, 1894

Sarah Jane McJunkin
(May 13, 1831—May 14, 1897)


Cannon Outine

John B. Cannon Sr.

Cannon/Earle Family

John B. Cannon Jr.

Erastus Cannon and Aurie Fant

Alston Earle and Carrie Kirby

John A. Fant and Sarah Jane McJunkin

August Hillard Kirby

Kirby House and Family

David Jones Fant ("Uncle D.J.) He lived in Atlanta, drove a train up and down the Southern Railway and preached from the caboose at the whistle stops. He was known as the "Railroad Evangelist." He lived to be 96 and received an honorary doctorate from the Taccoa Falls Bible Institute, but he considered the cap and gown that came with it to be "worldly trappings." He belonged to a denomination called the Christian Missionary Alliance.