Carrie Kirby Earle and Alston B. Earle
Alston Brocklebank Earle
(1865—1904 )

Carolina Virginia Kirby
(1867—c. 1934)


Cannon Outline

John B. Cannon Sr.
Cannon/Earle Family
John B. Cannon Jr.

Erastus Cannon and Aurie Fant
Alston Earle and Carrie Kirby

John A. Fant and Sarah Jane McJunkin
August Hillard Kirby
Kirby House and Family

Above: Alston B. Earle Jr. "Bubba," Carroll Kirby Earle, and Ralph Lander Earle. Alston and Ralph had TB and died young, as did their father. The baby is John B. Cannon Jr.
Carrie Kirby Earle in later years
Below: the parsonage at Williamston. The children are Eulalie on left, Bessie, Mary in nurse's arms, Alston ("Bubba"), and Jimmy. Carrie Earle and Alston B. Earle are behind fence with unidentified woman who could be one of her sisters (Aunt Joda or Aunt Sabie?) or a neighbor. Picture taken about 1896.
The birth order of the Earle children were: Gladys Eulalie (1888), Alston Brocklebank (Bubba 1889), Anna Elizabeth (Bessie 1891), James Perkins (Jimmie or Perk 1893), Mary Julia (1895), Ralph Lander (1897), Carol Kirby (1898), Frances Glidden (1904).