General James Jones, Letter from J. Edward Calhoun
Gen. James Jones, adjutant general of the South Carolina Militia, commissioner for the building of the State House in Columbia, and quartermaster general of SC during the war.
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Letters from Francis Pickens
    April 1859
    July 1859
James Edward Calhoun was an eccentric cousin of John C.
Millwood Dec. 2. 1846.

My Dear Sir
     I've got you at last, you shall see Millwood, despite your indifference.
     I have challenged one of my neighbors and you must be my second. I claim the favor as due me from the unbounded confidence I have in the warm friendship I have for you.
     Gratify my fancy to use the Explosive Cotton for the occasion. From the trials I have witnessed, I am willing to risk it, anxious as I am in this case to hit & to hurt. Come by Hamburg and let Mr. Nagel the druggist put in the Boy's saddlebags a supply of his most concentrated article.
     My Pistols are old-style English, rifle-barrelled & heavy, and may be objected to: bring a pair with you.
     I earnestly entreat that you let no one have grounds for even suspecting the object of your visit.
Yrs. truly
J. Edward Calhoun Sr.

Gen. Jones