General James Jones, Letters from Gov. Pickens
Gen. James Jones, adjutant general of the South Carolina Militia, commissioner for the building of the State House in Columbia, and quartermaster general of SC during the war.
St. Petersburg                                                         19 April 1859
Legation of the United States

Dear Sir,
       I see by my account from Coffin & Pringle they have paid you interest on this note. You know I wrote you that if you wanted the principal you could  have it at any time by a month's notice in advance.
      I now write to say, if you want it, I will direct it paid on the 3d day of Nov. next with certainty and if you will drop me a line and desire it, I will  give orders to that effect, so you can draw from the amount then, &  make all your arrangements accordingly in action(?). Please let me know.

                                                                           I have the honor to
                                                                                  be with great
                                                                                               Yours truly
                                                                                                       F. W. Pickens
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Letter July 1859
Francis W. Pickens was the ambassador to Russia in the 1850s and returned to become the governor of SC during the Civil War.