Letters of Robinson Piemont
Letters from Robinson Piemont (Amanda Piemont Duncan's brother) to Elizabeth Piemont Taliaferro (Aunt Tollie), their sister.
James and Matilda Hargrave Lomax

James Armstrong Duncan Lomax

David Duncan and Alice Amanda Needler Piemont Duncan

Typescript of Letters by Elizabeth Duncan Lomax
Elizabeth City, NC
Thursday night
My Dear Sister
      I have this night enclosed you in a letter $10 and given the letter to Mr Thomas Grandy to deliver to you as soon as he gets to the Macon House. So as soon as you get this letter, if Mr Grandy has not handed you the letter containing the ten dols, you will please send Amy with your compliments to him and ask if Dr. Piemont did not send a letter for Mrs. Taliaferro, but I expect that he will deliver you the letter before you receive this one by mail.
       Well we shall all meet about 1st of November I expect. Take care of yourself.
                                                                                                      Yours sincerely R Piemont
December 1st 1856
Elizabeth City NC
My Dear Sister

Enclosed you will find a check on the Bank of Va for $64.57—the balance due  you (so says Lacy) from Mr. Needler Robinson's estate on the Jno [?] W. Eppes  Bond. I have also sent Mr. Duncan his part in a letter directed to himself by the same mail that carries you this, and which I hope will all come safe to hand. I  regret very much not being able to send it to you sooner but I have had hard  work to make Lacy and the Eppes family pay us. I had to threaten them with  newspaper exposure if they did not pay us and that at last brought the money.  We are all well and in fine health. Pen has just returned home a few days since  from a 3 months visit to Portsmouth at the Ocean House and at her friend Mrs.  McRea's. Lizzie has commenced going to school to Mr ____lies. We all send much  love to you. You can pass your check to any merchant in Spartanburg, they will  take it. It will answer their purpose as exchange on Richmond or Baltimore. You  must write your name on the back of the check thus "Eliza. C. Taliaferro"
                                                                               Yours sincerely R Piemont

Please answer this as soon as received and let me know if it comes safe to hand—also if Mr. Duncan receives his in due time. Much love to you and Sister  Duncan. The Methodist conference meets in this place next fall.