James Armstrong Lomax
His name may have been James Armstrong Lomax or James Duncan Lomax (I have seen it both ways), or perhaps James Armstrong Duncan Lomax (for his uncle JAD). The family was fond of long names, as in Alice Amanda Needler Piemont Duncan. He was the son of Lucien and Mary Elizabeth Lomax, the brother of Tilla Lomax Jones. He died about six months after this portrait by an unknown artist was painted. His mother died ten days later. Matilda Virginia Lomax was six months old at the time; she and her older sister Alice Amanda were taken to live with their Duncan grandparents. The chair in the portrait was part of Mary Elizabeth Lomax's dining room suit; everyone in the family has at least one of the chairs. The hat is in the museum in Abbeville, SC.
Lightened pictures show the chair and head a little better.