Lucien Hargrave Lomax and Elizabeth Duncan Lomax
Lucien Hargrave Lomax
(December 2, 1819 —1884)

Mary Elizabeth Duncan
(April 30, 1825— November 5, 1851)
James and Matilda Hargrave Lomax

James Armstrong Duncan Lomax

David Duncan and Alice Amanda Needler Piemont Duncan
These are the grandparents of Margaret Jones Hart and the parents of Matilda Virginia Lomax Jones. Lucien Lomax was the son of James Lomax II and Matilda Hargrave; Mary Elizabeth Lomax was the daughter of David Duncan II and Alice Amanda Needler Piemont. The Lomaxes were large plantation owners in Abbeville, SC; Lucien Lomax was a lawyer.
A second painting of Elizabeth Lomax, not clear whether it is by the same painter as the other two.
This is one of the few unidentified photo-graphs in  Margaret Jones Hart's collection. I am almost certain my mother (Margaret Duncan Hart Cannon) said it was "Auntie," Alice Amanda Lomax Wallace of Newberry, SC, sister of great-grandmother Tilla Lomax Jones and oldest child of Lucien and Elizabeth Lomax. She was privately tutored in the equivalent of a Wofford education by her grandfather, David Duncan, professor of classics at Wofford College.
W. H. Wallace, husband of Alice Amanda Lomax
Two photographs of David Duncan Wallace, son of W. H. and Alice Lomax Wallace. He was an eminent South Carolinia historian and professor of history at Wofford College.
Below is a letter from W. H. Wallace to Lewis and Tilla Jones announcing the death of their daughter Lizzie as a child. That left Duncan Wallace as an only child.
                                                                                Newberry, S.C., July 23, '85

My Dear Lewis and Tilla: The afflictive hand of Providence is upon us. Our dear, darling Lizzie died this morning. You know how heavy the blow is. We try to submit to God's will but it is hard to bear. Pray for us that we may have the strength to bear. Pray especially for your dear sister Alice who is overwhelmed. Lizzie was such a comfort to her, and her happiness seemed bound up in the dear little child. The burial will be tomorrow at 10. I would have telegraphed you, but know you would not get it in time to to come.

Your devoted brother
W. H. Wallace