Letter from Elizabeth Piemont Taliaferro

David Duncan and Alice Amanda Needler Piemont Duncan

Duncan Sons

Typescript of Letters of Thomas Cary Duncan
Feb(?) the 4(?), 1871
Knowing the pleasure it will give my dear Tilla and Lewis to see a line from my  poor feeble self I will try while sitting up for a short time to tell you how  gratifying it is to me when dear Alice sends your letter to me to hear you think of me and wish you could be in my old ____________. Most heartily my darling child do I acquiesce in this wish of you[rs]. Words can't express how  much I want to see you and dear Lewis, but I suppose what can't be cured must be endured, and as you say you can't come until June, why I must try and  look forward to that happy period. Then I hope you will be with us a long long  time, as I hope Lewis will be able to make arrangements to move here  permanently. It would add so much to the happiness of us all, especially poor me who has but few remaining days to spend on this earth. Alice is so kind and  good to me, she tries to comfort me in every way that she can with regard to  my feeble condition, but some days I am so sick and fever(?) so high that my  very heart sinks within me, my cough is very [bad?], no better, friends all [very kindly?] coming to see me. Miss Cornelia, Mrs. Blake, tell dear Lewis. Mr.  Coke Smith has never sent me a line yet, he does not value my influence as he did. Excuse this last scribbling, I am so weak I must _____ my letter. Ever your  devoted Tollie. Lewis must kiss you often(?) for me.

{Mrs. Blake referred to above is Marina Jones Blake (Mrs. W. K. Blake), sister of Lewis Pou Jones, who lived in Spartanburg.]
Sister of Alice Amanda Piemont Duncan, Eizabeth C. [probably Churchill] Piemont Taliaferro lived with the Duncans after the death of her husband, the Rev. Philip Taliaferro. She was always known as "Aunt Tollie."
Rev. Philip Taliaferro