Duncan-Piemont Family
Thomas Cary Duncan
Killed in Civil War, June 30, 1862 in the Battle of Frayser's Farm
David Robinson Duncan
Major, Spartan Rifles, and Lawyer
Elizabeth C. [probably Churchill] Piemont Taliaferro, Alice Amanda Duncan's Sister, "Aunt Tollie," lived with Duncans after husband's death
Rev. Philip Taliaferro
Aunt Tollie's Husband
James Armstrong Duncan
David Duncan's Brother, lived in County Armagh, Northern Ireland. Came for visit before Civil War, could not get home until after war
William Wallace Duncan
Bishop, Methodist Episcopal Church South
James Armstrong Duncan II, minister of a large Methodist Church in Richmond during the Civil War and later president of Randolph Macon College for Boys in Virginia. He was the only son not to come to SC.
Alice Robinson, cousin of Alice Piemont Duncan and wife of the sculptor Valentine (the Recum-bent Statue of R. E. Lee)