Letter from Lewis Jones to Rebecca Margaret Jones
Lewis Jones (1813—1892)

Rebecca Margaret Jones (1819—1905)
                                                                                   Headquarters Post Augusta
                                                                                   June 2nd 1865
Mrs. Lewis Jones has permission to leave this post to proceed to Sparta Georgia. She is recommended to the care of any Federal Troops on the route having been exceedingly kind to Union prisoners.
                                                                                  E. Molineux
                                                                                  Post Brig Gen US Vols
First page missing    . . . . what I have, though I am pretty short. I  have not yet heard any thing positive as to  what was the decision of the court in John Ward's case, but the impression here is that he is cashiered. If so, he will retire in  disgrace, a very proper end to such a filthy  subject. His father is in great trouble about  the case and has gone on to Richmond I  suppose to see the President about it. I don't  pity him in the least, and have almost come to  believe that he is about as mean as John. I am very much grieved to hear that you and Mary Eliza are sick and pray God that you may be both again restored to health. My health still continues good though I have no doubt that we are in a very sickly country.
The health of the company is still very good, much more so than could be expected, though the worst I fear has yet to come. James thinks that the place we are moving to is perfectly healthy, and speaks of bringing Kate down again to stay with him. I have no doubt she would like very much to come, but think it would be imprudent for her to do so. The mail is about to leave and I must close. Excuse this short letter, my heart leaps at the thought of seeing you again soon and more fondly embracing my dearest of all things on earth. I remain, your devoted husband.
                       Lewis Jones
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