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Cannon/Earle Ancestry

Eulalie Earle and John Cannon
Eulalie Earle Cannon family
John B. Cannon Sr.
Burgess Family
Descendants of Thomas Burgess and Dorothy ____ (Waynes?)

Records of Joseph Burgess (son of Thomas)

The date of his migration to this country is not certain. It appears that he arrived in Salem with a young family not far from 1630, and lodged for a time at Lynn. A section of land was assigned to him, in that part of Plymouth called Duxbury, July 3, 1637. This section of land, being forfeited by his removal to Sandwich in the same year, was assigned to Nicholas Robbins, November 5, 1638, who made to the former occupant some remuneration for fences and culture.

In the settlement of Sandwich, Thomas Burgess was a "chief man of [the residents]." In the
church, instituted in 1638, under the pastoral care of William Leverich, he was an original member. In process of time he became a large landholder, and with advancing age he was called Goodman Burgess. He served the town in every office, humble or honorable, from road-surveyor to deputy to the Court at Plymouth, for several successive years.

The patriarchal estate stayed in the family for many years. Benjamin Burgess held it in his possession, and in 1863 could point out the old cellar in which Thomas stored his fruits, and the bubbling fountain from which he drank for forty-eight years, dying, February 13, 1685, aged eighty-two years. His grave was honored with a monumental slab, imported from England.  This was the only monument set up for any pilgrim of the first generation (Ebenezer Burgess book 1860s). Dorothy, his wife, died February 27, 1687.

Children of Thomas BURGESS and Dorothy (____) were as follows:
     Thomas Burgess, born abt 1627 in England; died 1687.
     John Burgess, born abt 1628 in  England; died 1701 in Yarmouth, Barnstable, Massachusetts.  
     Elizabeth Burgess, born abt 1631 in England or in Sandwich, Barnstable, Massachusetts; died 26 Sep 1717. 
     Jacob Burgess, born abt 1633 in Lynn, Essex, Massachusetts; died 17 Mar 1719.   Born Sandwich, Barnstable,
         Massachusetts in previous research
Joseph Burgess, born abt 1637 in Lynn, Essex, Massachusetts; died Aug 1695.   Born Sandwich, Barnstable,
         Massachusetts in previous research.


1. Joseph Burges (son of Thomas) was born Between 1635 and 1638 in Sandwich, Barnstable, MA and died August 1695. He married Patience Freeman September 1665 in Sandwich, MA Barnstable Co..

Children of Joseph Burges and Patience Freeman:
       Rebecca Burge was born 17 Jan 1666/67.
       Dorothy Burges was born 12 Nov 1670.
       Joseph Burges was born 18 Nov 1673.
Benjamin Burges was born 5 May 1681 in Rochester, Massachusetts and died before 1746.
       Ichabod Burges was born 1684.


Benjamin Burges (son of Joseph) was born 5 May 1681 in Rochester, Massachusetts and died Before 1746. He married Priscilla Gatchell 4 Mar 1705/06 in Rochester, Massachusetts.  She was born in Rochester, MA.

Children of Benjamin Burges and Priscilla Gatchell:
     Elizabeth Burgess was born 13 Mar 1706/07 in Rochester, MA.
     Phebe Burgess was born 16 Dec 1708 in Rochester, MA.
Joseph Burgess was born 15 Dec 1710 in Rochester, MA.
     Joanna Burgess was born 24 Aug 1712 in Rochester, MA.
     Thomas Burgess was born 6 Oct 1714 in Rochester, Massachusetts.
     Patience Burgess was born 4 Oct 1716 in Rochester, MA.
     Benjamin Burgess was born 2 Apr 1719 in Rochester, MA.
     Samuel Burgess was born 9 Jul 1721 in Rochester, MA.
     Sarah Burgess was born 24 Apr 1724 in Rochester, MA.


Joseph Burgess (son of Benjamin) was born 15 Dec 1710 in Rochester, MA, date of death not known. He married 15 March 1737/8 at Dartmouth, Tabitha Mitchell (MD), daughter of William Mitchell and Sarah Higgins, born 19 July 1720.

Children of Joseph Burgess and Tabitha Mitchell
     Elizabeth b. 24 Nov 1738 probably m. Ephraim Landers
     Benjamin b. 10 Oct 1740
Luther b. 12 March 1742/3 at Dartmouth m. Alice Southworth
     Joseph Jr b. 14 April 1745
     Phebe b 5 Aug 1747
     Tabitha b. 11 Dec 1749
     Thomas b. 23 June 1752
     Patience b. 17 June 1760
     Ruth b. 27 July 1766


Luther Burgess (son of Joseph) was born 12 March 1742/3 at Dartmouth and died about 1785 on a voyage to India. He married 8 Feb 1770 at Rochester, Alice Southworth of Rochester, dau Gideon and Mary Wilbor Southworth. She was born 21 Feb 1745 and died 3 May 1807. After the death of Luther she married Benjamin Estabrook and had two more children.

Children of Luther Burgess and Alice Southworth
     Nathaniel b. ca. 1770 in Hardwick, MA
     Luther Jr b. 1776
     Joseph b. ?  "He was a seaman who was impressed into the British Navy, served 20 years, was wounded at the Battle
            of the Nile on 1 Aug 1798, by the time he came home was barely recognized.
Mary "Polly," b. 3 April 1780, m. 4 Oct 1798 in Hardwick, Jacob Earle
      Abigail, b. 1784 d. 27 Sept 1791


Mary Burgess was born 3 April 1780 in Hardwick and died 24 May 1850. She married Jacob Earle, son of Jacob Earle and Relief Bennett, on October 4, 1798 n Hardwick.

Children of Mary Burgess and Jacob Earle
     Abigail Earle, b 18 June 1799
     Ira Earle, b. 28 Mar 1801
     Eliza Earle, b 23 May 1805
     Franklin Earle, b 9 July 1807, d. one month old
     Franklin Earle, 1808-1813
     Daniel Earle, 1810-1813
     Apollos Earle, b. 22 Aug 1812
     Benjamin Franklin Earle, b. 7 Sept 1814 (came to Charleston)
  James Perkins Earle, b 23 Jan 1817, d 1867 in Charleston, SC
     Ralph Earle, b 10 Sept 1819, came to Charleston and married Amanda Mackie
     Mary Earle, b 6 July 1823