Duncan Houses In or Near Spartanburg
It's not certain whether the above is the home of David Robinson Duncan or of his son Will Duncan. There were two Duncan houses on Union Street, one is not standing. This one is called the Duncan Estate and used as a venue for weddings and receptions.
Above left: moving the home of Bishop William Wallace Duncan, which was on North Church Street where the Marriott Hotel now stands. The house is now near the old railroad station. Left is an old picture of the house. Margaret Jones Hart lived here with her Aunt Dora and Uncle Wallace while she attended Converse College. She was wakened one morning and told to look out her window because "Converse College was burning to the ground."
Two views of Rose Hill, the home of Governor William Henry Gist. D'Arcy Duncan lived here briefly while married to Caroline Gist, the governor's daughter. She died soon and is buried here; D'Arcy remarried.