Letter from David Duncan, Age 89
Wofford College, S. Ca.                                                               20th July 1880

My dear Tilla, I have a faint glimmering of the letters I am making. We are all well here thank God, but we are very sorry to hear that none of [you] in Edgefield are well; well you had better come on at once and get better. A number of our people are off to the mountains; I have no wish to leave home not even to go out to David's; Pattie is here with her little fat dumpling. Miss Rebecca I suppose keeps you posted with the news I suppose. I have changed your paper, I now send you the Herald. Enclosed you will find a Post Office Order for ten dollars to smooth your way to Spartanburg. I send love to all. I ever remain your affectionate Grandpa.
                                                                                                                                       David Duncan
Mrs. T. V. Jones
Edgefield C. House
S. Ca.